Position of football player

When we talk about enjoying football, then I think most of us want to be strikers or forwards, that’s because we believe that strikers are your ideal place in matches and others just to support strikers. And we believe that the attacker is really fanatical about your own team since he left dented and finally won this match. Sometimes ordinary individuals say that they only get because their Forward players are with the striker. But their premise is wrong, because the main thing that is very important in soccer matches is teamwork. Every player in the game must be disciplined and also carry out their obligations determined in their position. Without it, the drama will be bad and the team will not secure the match.

In football matches, we basically understand about 4 places; Goalkeeper (GK), Defender (D F), Midfielder (MF), and Forward or Striker (FW). In each position, they have their main task in the match. So, what is the nature of each of them? Okay, let’s try บ้านผลบอล.

The first position is the goalkeeper. The real goalkeeper is a position that has a big task to keep the target post from the opponent’s attack. This posture is actually set behind the position of others. He just stands under the target article and blocks the ball that comes to this destination. The feature with the situation is that the goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball with his hand.

The next position is Defender or we who usually contact him. Someone in this position has the main task to guard their terrain from enemy attacks. The place behind is in front of the goalkeeper. Usually in a game, the protector has been broken into two different ones; Straight back (CB) and Negative Back (SB) centers. The center defender is really a person who moves in the middle of the defense area and in front of the goalkeeper. This form of position maintains the main responsibility in the crew after the goalkeeper. So the Negatives are really players who play on the defense side. Sometimes, this position is useful when attacking.

The following placement is Midfielder. I think this can be the most elastic position in a match. Because someone in this position can do that, each attacking and defending. Even midfielders play in the middle of this area. Also, midfielders are really an important location for some crews. Because they can make the defender stick to the front of people. Usually this means that the midfielder is the Playmaker in the match. Actually in the actual match, the midfielder was divided into four positions; Central Midfielder (CMF), Defensive Midfielder (DMF), Attacking Midfielder (AMF), and also a midfielder. CMF really helped make a beautiful drama by giving feedback to other team mates. Even though the T-Ended DMF helps more defenders become defenses. This means that this type of participant is significantly more defensive. Furthermore AMF is the opposite of DMF. This usually means the player is somewhat offensive. And the last one is SMF, this player can survive and attack in this area. This type of player is often called a winger.

And also the fourth largest position of a soccer match is actually a Striker or Forward player. This participant gets the main task to make a dent by forcing the ball into the goal. In this situation, gamers must have good intuition and will create good placement. And the striker must be able to take advantage of the opportunity to produce a score, because in actual matches, strikers are always kept by rival players.

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