Brushing With Your iPhone: Dental Apps for Healthier Teeth

If you rely on your own cell phone for you through the day, then don’t place it down when it is time to brush your tooth. There are always a large number of programs out there for every dental demand conceivable, from flossing reminders to flashcards for prospective dentists.

Would you like to know just how to correctly floss however you’re dental app not sure where to learn? Or maybe you might have trouble remembering to wash with mouthwash everyday. Here are a couple apps you may take to, and where you can find them.

Using a Smart Phone For Cosmetic Teeth

Dental Care H D on – This app offers general information about oral care, including information on flossing, flossing , nutrition for healthy teeth, and dental health concerns. It also offers a guide that allows you to know when to stop by the dental practitioner.

Phillips Zoom on – Dedicated to whitening, this program allows you to see potential results of whitening procedures. Simply take a photo of yourself grinning and the app will process it and whiten your teeth. You can even share the photo via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Brush DJ on – If you have trouble brushing for the two minutes, then give this program a try. It plays music from the library on your own mobile and acts as a timer to make certain you brush . Even better , you can schedule daily reminders for brushing, flossing, and rinsing with toothpaste, as well as a long term reminder for your next dental visit.

For Dentists Getting the Trend

If you’re a dentist, there are cell phone programs designed to assist with your patients and clinic too. It’s also a great way to learn and keep pace with all the technology used by your own patients. Here are a couple of Use ones to test out:

Cosmetic Spanish Guide on iTunes – For those who have patients who want to use Spanish, then you can use this app to brush up on your vocabulary skills. With it available during the appointment lets you tap the screen and also have the app state the phrase you require.

Dentistry IQ – – Stay up to date on the latest news and products with this specific program. It offers different possibilities for sorting news and videos and gifts information in a readily accessible format.

Healthy gums and a thinner smile are obtainable when you need it should you take advantage of these helpful cell apps. It has never been easier to keep up with brushing and dental appointments, so in addition to make sure you’re doing it correctly.

Arthur Willet is a health writer on a variety of health and dental hygiene issues. Discover high quality advice on similar topics in a top quality dentist (Greeley, CO and Weld County). He supplies dedicated dental hygiene for your family’s health, and that is one of the greatest Greeley dental practitioners specializing in personalized and preventative dental hygiene providers.

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